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Wait!! Don't Throw the Mashed Potatoes!
A Communication Workshop for the Holidays 

Just in time for the holidays, OCEA brings you a special family communication workshop to make the season a little brighter…and a lot less messy.

Family visits and holiday events are coming up fast. Even though you’re excited about your family gathering to share in the joy of the new little one, there may also be a little bit of trepidation. After all, even with all the delights of the holidays, they can also bring a little extra “gift” of tension or misunderstanding.

Whether this new baby is your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, this workshop is for you. You’ll learn strategies and solutions for good communication around parenting choices, Covid, and setting healthy boundaries. We’ll show you how to help some of those old and outdated family patterns become more positive and harmonious. After all, mashed potatoes look so much tastier on your plate than in your hair. 

So come join us! It may be the best gift you give yourself this year – aside from that gorgeous baby, of course.

Who’s invited? This workshop is designed for anyone who will be joining you at your family event. Registration is for one participant Plus-One

The cost of this workshop is $60 (cdn + tax)

People who took our online class during COVID-19 had this to say:

Given the continued need to physically distance, the size of our room rentals and the evolving state of our global pandemic, OCEA will continue to offer all classes online throughout 2022.
We dearly want to support the health of expectant families.

She was great! I really appreciated all of her knowledge and ease of communication even in a new format that is by default distant. I took away a lot of really useful information.

Bringing Baby Home – with Erin Shaheen

We really appreciated the very frank, honest, non-judgemental explanations. It has helped us to separate the facts from the opinions.

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

The Bringing Home Baby course was an incredible learning experience for us. Our instructor Erin was passionate about the course content and is a very effective communicator. We enjoyed it so much we immediately signed up for the Pre Natal and CPR courses with Ottawa CEA as well. The course gave us the opportunity to ask questions about conflicting information we’ve heard about while preparing for our baby’s birth and hear how other soon-to-be parents are handling and setting boundaries relating to COVID. I feel this course has given us more confidence in our ability to become capable, calm parents.

Bringing Baby Home – with Erin Shaheen

The Pre Natal course with Misty was phenomenal, she is beyond knowledgeable and research-based which made the learning unbiased and to the point. She answered every question and I feel much more prepared for birth than I thought was possible. Amazing experience!!!

Pre Natal – with Misty Pratt

Lilly is an amazing educator! I was so anxious before taking this course but looked forward to each class as I learned so much and it answered questions I didn't even know I had. Lilly is so knowledgeable and kind and unbiased and has a nice sense of humour too! It was a pleasure to learn from her each week. Thanks Lilly!

Pre Natal – with Lilly Bianchi

Julia was really informative and full of excitement, so it was indeed a wonderful series of class

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

Julia was excellent. Very personable and she made you feel very comfortable in the class and when asking questions. Really enjoyed her overall approach. I will definitely be recommending her and the class to friends.

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

We thought Lilly was wonderful!! She kept the course engaging and shared a lot of useful information. She was also funny!! We would highly recommend her course to friends.

Pre Natal – with Lilly Bianchi

Our educator Erin was an expert and was very clear in her method of teaching. All my questions were answered and the class interaction was very good. I would take another course with OCEA.

Bringing Baby Home – with Erin Shaheen

Great class, I signed up mostly for my husband to get him ready, I was so nervous that he would not know what to do but now I feel more confident. We are a first time parents.

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

Julia was a great teacher! Very knowledgeable and passionate. We learned a lot.

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

We both LOVED Julia's approach to teaching. She provided us with so much useful information and supported all areas of pregnancy. It was nice that she explained the pro's and con's of each topic without making one seem better than another or making us feel like we made a bad choice going the route we've chosen.

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

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