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Pre Natal Classes

We suggest you take your prenatal classes between 20 weeks and 36 weeks. Be sure to register early in your pregnancy in order to ensure a place is reserved for you. Class size is limited to a maximum of 8 couples. Our classes include the following information presented in a variety of methods including videos, hands on practice, small group discussion and relaxation exercises:

  • Your birth support team – The role of the Midwife, family Doctor, OB, Registered Nurse and Doula
  • stages of labour
  • comfort measures including relaxation and massage techniques
  • breath awareness
  • all options for pain relief
  • making decisions and giving consent
  • methods of induction
  • interventions including 1V’s, fetal heart monitors, cesarean sections
  • post birth procedures for babies
  • post birth recovery for women
  • resources in Ottawa
  • breastfeeding

Our one day condensed classes are excellent for those who may not otherwise have time to take a labour class at all or work  shift work. The focus of the one day class is on the role of your caregiver, stages of labour, options for pain management, interventions and breastfeeding resources.  We focus on labour and birth leaving you with reading resources for the postpartum time.   (We do not cover postpartum mood disorders, resources in town, family changes, postbirth recover tips ) 

Cost of classes is $150 (CAD) (per couple) and includes telephone and email contact with your instructor free parking and air conditioned rooms. 

What materials are provided for class?  In order to make class as interactive and hands on as possible, we will provide you with a series of links and information sheets five days before your class with your reminder email.  The internet has a wonderful amount of resources and we will link you to up to date resources on the net.  You do not need to print them off in advance.   We also make every effort to reduce paper use, and keep ours and your photocoping costs down.   

What is the difference between the 'regular' prenatal classes and those for Midwifery clients? We strive to have classes for everyone at all times and have as many locations running at any one time.  You will notice a mix of clients in most classes.  If you are a Midwifery client you are welcome to take any class on the schedule. 

Refund Policy: When cancelling a prenatal class after it has been booked there is a $25 (CAD) administration fee. If the cancellation occurs less than 14 days before the class there is a 50% cancellation fee. If it is less than 7 days there is no refund.  Request for date changes within 7 days of class will reflect a $75 fee.  Please keep this in mind when booking classes and plan to be finished your session by 35 weeks.

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