NICU Doula


Whether you are pregnant and want to prepare as best you can or your baby has arrived and you don’t know who to talk to, we can help with one on one support with one of our instructors who has firsthand experience of this complex journey.

Our prenatal instructor Julia has professional experience caring for families with medically fragile babies during her years working as a midwife, and gained new personal insight into being a NICU parent when her second child was born with complex medical needs, necessitating long NICU/ PICU stays.

What we offer:

  • What to expect in the NICU, including: what to bring with you, how family and friends can support you, how best to organise the rest of your life around your child’s care
  • Talking about this experience; how to broach difficult topics with family and friends, finding other parents who understand what you are going through
  • How to care for yourself while you are caring for a medically fragile baby
  • Resources available in Ottawa
  • Cost is $60 per hour support in a platform that suits your situation, including phone, email or video conferencing

To request support and/or if you have questions please email us at: